Short stories

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This one-of-a-kind collection features stories from some of the biggest names in mystery and fantasy-blending the genres into a unique hybrid where PIs may wear wizard's robes and criminals may really be monsters.

Sit in on a modern-day witch's trial, visit the halls of a magical boarding school with murder on the curriculum, spend some time with Sookie Stackhouse, visit London's hidden world of the Nightside, and become spellbound with eight more tales of magical mystery.

Contributors include: Michael Armstrong, Donna Andrews, Anne Bishop, Jay Caselberg, Mike Doogan, Laura Anne Gilman, Simon R. Green, Charlaine Harris, Anne Perry, Sharon Shinn, Dana Stabenow, and John Straley.

ISBN: 0441011977

Short stories from fifteen Chesapeake Bay area authors, including: Donna Andrews, Elizabeth Foxwell, Mary Ellen Hughes, Betty Hyland, Audrey Liebross, Maria Y. Lima, Debbi Mack, Jean McMillen, by Nancy Nelson, Judith Pomeranz, Ellen Rawlings, Audrey Sherins, Verna Suit, Marcia Talley, and Elaine Viets

Quiet Storm Publishing.

ISBN: 0974960802

A collection of all-new stories by New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry, Donna Andrews, Claudia Bishop, Rhys Bowen, Don Bruns, Meg Chittenden, Nick DiChario, Marcos Donnelly, Carole Nelson Douglas, Elizabeth Foxwell, Parnell Hall, Lyn Hamilton, Jeremiah Healy, Dean James, Mary Jane Maffini and William Moody. Here is a generous helping of cozy murder mysteries by some of the finest writers out there. Such morsels as Claudia Bishop's "Waiting for Gateaux" and Carole Nelson Douglas's "License to Koi" each come with a side order of mischief. And from Parnell Hall's "Lethal Luncheon" to Lyn Hamilton's "Stark Terror at Tea-Time," murder is the guest of honor at many a meal. So mangia! But be sure and keep an eye on your knife...

Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN: 0425192628 (hardcover)
ISBN: 0425192636 (paperback)

A brand-new anthology of all-original Alaskan mystery tales. Includes stories by Sue Henry, Anne Perry, S. J. Rozan, Dana Stabenow, John Straley, Kate Grilley, Michael Armstrong, Donna Andrews, Mike Doogan, Brad Reynolds, Kim Rich and James Sarafin

ISBN: 0451207424