Name that Book!

Every so often, someone gives me a bird pun so wonderfully awful that I have to use it as a book title. And half the time I can't remember who gave it to me. Which is a shame, because I'm always looking for good book titles, and I'd like to reward anyone who comes up with one.

So I'm starting a contest. No deadline. I'll keep it running as long as I need bird titles. Just suggest a title, and if I use it for a book, you get a signed copy and a thank you in the acknowledgments.

If you send in a title, let me know if it's okay to post it here, with either your full name or your first name and initial only. I might have a contest now and then to give away books to the folks who have suggested the best titles. Again, just send your entries to:

Book titles suggested:

(And if you've sent a title and you don't see it here ... hang on, I'm still updating!)

Actions Speak Louder Than a Warbler (Candace D.)
Against the Crane (Michele B.)
All-American Gull (Cheryl & John)
All in a Jay's Work (Michele B.)M
All Quail on the Western Front (Ellie Warder)
All Quiet On The Turkey Farm (Kathy Vogel)
All Quiet on the West Tern Front (the Lemires)
All Roadrunners Lead To Damascus (Patti W.)
All Stork Up (Emma P.)
All Swallows Eve (Michele B.)M
...And One To Crow On (Joe B.)
And That's the Way the Cuckoo Crumbles... (Mikiah S.)
And Then There Were Nuthatches (Jane F.)
Ani corpses around? (Regina Krah)
Ani Port in a Storm (Lynne P.)
Are You Lovebird Tonight? (Emma P.)
Any Moa? (Teresa Wilder)
Anything Crows (Kerry M.)
Anything You Condor, I Condor Better (Denil B.)
The Apes of Wrath (Brett W.)
Are You a Good Tern or a Bad Tern? (Gina G.)
As a Duck Takes to Murder (Charlotte S.)
As the Caspian Terns (Elizabeth R.)
As the Crow Dies (Barb G.)
As the World Terns (Bryan B.)
Auk ward (Diane Palumbo)
Aukward Silence (the Lemires)
Away in a Mandrake (Ellen G.)

Baby, take a Bower Bird (Mercedes L.)
Bagpipes for the Magpies (Regina K.)
Bah, Hummingbird (Erica H.)
Balancing the Budgie (the Lemires)
Balding Eagles (Joyce C.)
The Barn Swallow Sings At Night (Victoria Patterson)
Bats All, Folks! (B. Merwald)
Bat's Entertainment (Kerry M.)
Batten down the Nuthatches (Catherine V.G.)
Be Teal, My Heart. (Emily M.)
The Beak Shall Inherit the Earth (Laura B.)
Beaking Tom (the Lemires)
Beating around the bush hen (Regina Krah)
Beau and Sparrow (B. Merwald)
Beet the Beak (Karen H.)
Begins with A Jay (Robbie B.)
A Bittern Pill (Lucy M.)
Bicycles and Scoters (Margaret K.)
The Big Bird Theory (Emily M.)
The Big Curassow Hangover (Regina K.)
Bird, Beak, and Candle (Karen Ogush)
A Bird in the Hand (Miriam G.)
Birder She Wrote (the Hillis Clan)
Birds of a Feather Slay Together (Candace D.)
Birds of Paradise Lost (Carrie F.)
The Birthday Crake (Regina K.)
Bittern Hard (Lois H.)
Bitter Pill to Swallow (Mary Rivers)
A Bittern Pill to Swallow (the Hillis Clan)
Black Hawk Down (Anna)
Blue Birds & Blue Bells (Karen H.)
Blue Footed Booby Prize (Jennifer McCormick)
Blackbird pie (Lois H.)
Blood, Sweat, and Terns (Catherine V.G.)
Blue Jay Walks the Plank (Linda H.)
Bluebird of homicide (Patti W.)
Bluebirds of Happiness (Elaine P.)
Bluejay Moon (Emma P.)
The bluefooted booby in the library (Jane G.)
Booby Hatch Blues (Sammy)
The Booby Job (Laura B.)
The Booby in the Library (Ellie Warder)
Booby Trapped (Sammy)
Booby Traps (Regina Krah)
Born with a Silver Spoonbill (Barbara S-N)
Bow Your Heads and Let Osprey. (Emily M.)
The Boy Who Crowed Wolf (Emily M.)
Breaking the Cardinal Rule (Janice H.)
Bred Any Good Rooks Lately? (Cindy S.)
Bride of Chukar (Bryan B.)
Bridge Over the River Kiwi (Diane Palumbo)
Bringing down the Grouse (Regina Krah)
Brother, Can You Sparrow Dime? (Teresa Wilder)
Budgie Jumping (Janet B.)
Budgie Nights (Joanna Campbell Slan)
Bugger This For a Lark (Bryan B.)
Buddy, Can You Sparrow a Dime (Louise S.)
Bunting the Ball (Lois H.)
A Bunting We Will Go. (Emily M.)
Buoys and gulls (Diane Palumbo)
By Hook or by Rook (the Hillis Clan)
By the Light of the Loon or Harvest Loon (Karen H.)
Bye, Bye Blackbird (Lois H., Anna)

Caique Walk (Lynne P.)
Call Me Gull-able (Karen H.)
Call of the WIld Turkey (Catherine V.G.)
Canada Goosed (Ruth Olley)
Canary Me Back to Ol' Virginie (Kerry M.)
Canary Quest (Cynthia K.)
Canary Row (Paula Stambaugh and B. Merwald)
The Canary Who Swallowed a Cat (Regina K.)
Canary Yellow (Kathryn M.)
Cardinal Carnival (Debbie P.)
A Cardinal Law (Alice B.)
A Cardinal Mistake (Miriam G.)
Cardinal Rules (Jennifer McCormick)
Cardinal Sin(s) (Bee K.. Karen J., Paula Stamboughj, and Kathryn M.) Cardinals Sing Louder Than Crime (Mercedes L.)
The Cardinal Wore Red (Hillary S.)
The Cat in the Birdhouse (Jessica S.)
The Cat that Ate the Canary (Jennifer McCormick)
Catbirds on a hot tin roof (Patti W.)
Catch a Falling Starling (Sue C.)
Catch Him--Oriole Get Away! (Teresa Wilder)
Catch Me If You Pelican (Mitchell Seier)
Cawful Death (Liz V.)
Chat with a Babbler (Regina Krah)
Charge of the Light Blue Jay (Diane Palumbo)
Cheerio, My Vireo (Peg K)
CheeseBirder in Paradise (Lita F.)
Chickadee on the Run (Dawn H.)
Chicken and Eggstinction (Charlotte S.)
Chicken Fiddle (B. Merwald)
The Chick’s in the Mail (Karen Ogush)
Chicken Pickins (Karen H.)
Chicks and Guns (Patti W.)
Christmas Nutcracker (Lois H.)
The Chronicles of Ptarmigan (Laura B.)
Citizen Crane (Diane Palumbo and Sarah S.)
Citizen Quail (Diane B.)
Cluck...Cluck Sweet Charlotte (Steve W.)
Cock-a-Doodle-Dead (Karen Ogush)
Cockatoo Tree Four (Joe B.)
Cockatoo'll Do (Lynne P.)
Cold Turkey (Erica H.)
Congressional Herons (the Lemires)
The Conscience of the Kingfisher (Cheryl & John)
Conure Way Out (Lynne P.)
Coo the Bedoved Country (the Hillis Clan)
Cooked Goose (Anna)
Cops and Robins (Mitchell Seier)
The Cops Bustard Him (Margaret K.)
Coot ‘n Nanny (Margaret K.)
The Corrupt Kingfisher Files (Patti W.)
A Corvid Taste for Bones (Leslie Ann M.)
Coup de Grouse (the Lemires)
The Crane in Spain (the Hillis Clan)
Crane in the Neck (Lois H.)
The Crane Mutiny (Regina K.)
The Crane Was Framed (Linda E.)
Crimson and Plover (Bryan B.)
Cross Road Runner (Diane Palumbo)
A Crow Alarm Fire (Victoria Patterson)
Crow, Crow, Crow your boast (Diane Palumbo)
Crowing Pains (Kathryn M.)
Cry Me a Raven (Judy S.)
Cuckoo clocked (Victoria C.)
Cuckoo Flock (B. Merwald)
Curlews to a Murder (Karen Ogush)
The Cygnet Ring (Laura Baker)

Dangle the Beagle (Karen H.)
The Dark Crows (Jennifer McCormick)
Dashing Through the Snowbirds (Martha H.)
Day Old Smews (BF)
Day of the Grackle (Chris C.)
Dead As a Dodo Bird (Alice Hendrickson)
Dead Duck (Kerrie G.)
Dead Sea Crows (Erica H.)
Deadman's Myna (Patti W.)
Debit or Credit Cardinal? (Emily M.)
Delarkation (the Lemires)
Designed to Quail (Karen H.)
Dial M for Muscovy (Patti W.)
The Diamond in the Rock Nest (Mercedes L.)
Die, Die, Birdie (Kristin A. and the Hillis Clan)
Dinner for Toucans (Mercedes L.)
Do You Know the Puffin Man Who Lives in Drury Lane (Diane Palumbo)
Dogs and Catbirds (Bryan B.)
Don't Budgie! (Kathryn M.)
Don't Crow For Me Argentina (Emily M.)
Don't Finch Me In! (Tracy A.)
Don't Give a Fig Parrot (Lynne P.)
Don't Grouse to Me (B. Merwald)
Don’t Snipe At Me (Lois H.)
Don't Sparrow The Gardner (Dan M.)
Don't Sparrow The Horses (Dan M.)
Don't Step on My Blue Jay Shoes (Erica H.)
Don't take any wooden nightingales (Patti W.)
Double, Double Tern and Trouble (Barbara Hussey)
Double, Double, Toil and Turkey Vultures (Sandra C.)
Dove is a Many Splendored Thing (Diane Palumbo, Teresa Wlder)
Dove Tales (Elaine P.)
Doves in Mourning (Teresa H.)
Down the Booby's Hatch (Ellie Warder)
Dr. Kildeer (Teresa Wilder)
Drakes on a Plane (Diane Palumbo)
Duck and Cover (Mitchell S.. Nancy G.)
Duck and Coverts (BF)
Duck Down Chronicles (Debbie P.)
Duck for Cover (Elaine P.)
Duck of the Draw (Mitchell Seier)
Duck, Duck, Noose (Carly R.)
Duck, Duck, Ghost (Karen Ogush)
Ducking Out (Angela T.)
Ducks in a Death Row (Charlotte S.)
Ducks on a Pond (Clare J.)
Dungeons and Dodos (Jason B.)

Eagle Documents (Kathryn M.)
Eagle Eye (Kathryn M.)
Eagle Eyed (Lois H.)
The Eagle Has Landed (Kathryn M.)
Eagle or Not (Alice B.)
Eagle Repercussions (Kathryn M.)
Eagle Rights Amendment (Cheryl & John)
Eagle to Please (Leslie W.)
Eagle Under the Sun (Jane F.)
Eagles at Hole Ten (Regina K.)
The Early Bird Got the Worm (Hillary S.)
East of Emu (Judy Cater)
Eating Crow Feathers (Alice B.)
Eggs, Legs & Pugs (Karen H.)
Egret Has Left the Building (Karen Ogush)
Egrets for the Memories (Karen H.)
The Egret Garden (the Hillis Clan)
Egretfully Yours(Robin S.)
Egrets Only (Sherin H. and Teresa Wilder)
Egrets Only, Please (the Lemires)
Egrets, I've Had a Few (Barb G.)
Egrets, We've Had a Few (Linda Y.)
Eider One Will Do (Margaret K.)
An Elegant Tern of Phrase (Bryan B.)
Elephant and Ivy (Susan P.)
The Emperor Penguin Strikes Back (Diane Palumbo)
An Emu for All Seasons (Cynthia B.)
Emu Is Among Us (Mitchell S.)
Emu! Oh My! (Teresa Wilder)
Emu Under the Sun (Judy Cater)
Emus and Gnus (Diane Palumbo)
Endless Nightingale (Jane F.)
Escape from albatross (Ranjani Tadinada)
Escape from the Nuthatch (F.Evans)
Everybody's Cuckoo (Elaine P.)
Everything's just ducky (Patti W.)
Exhaulted Eagletts (Joyce C.)
An Eye For an Ibis (Bryan B.)
Eye of the Storm-Petrel (Bryan B.)
Eye of the Tiger Shriek (Mercedes L.)

Fair is Fowl and Fowl is Fair (Charlene D.)
Fair Raven (Regina K.)
Falcon Crest (Lois H.)
A Falcon Kill You (the Lemires)
Fatal Fowls (Mary F.)
The Feat of the Crow (P. Goforth)
Feathered Fiends (B. Merwald)
The Fellowship of the Wing (Joe B.)
Ferruginous Your Not Too Swift (Ruth Olley)
Fifty Shades of Blue Jay (Patrick D.)
Fifty Shades of Fowl Play (Patrick D.)
Fifty Shades of Osprey. (Patrick D.)
Finch and Chimps (Jane G.)
Finch and Tickle (Jennifer McCormick)
The Finch Foreign Legion (Laura B.)
A Finch in Time (Cynthia B.)
Finch Me My Wine (Gwen B.)
A Finch of Salt (the Lemires)
A Finch to Grow an Inch (Lisa D.)
Finders Keepers, Losers Warblers (Emma P.)
Fiscal Problems (Regina K.)
Five little pigeons (Jane G.)
Flammable Flamingoes (Debbie P.)
The Flamingo Who Danced the Flamenco (Char A.)
Flint Finch in a Pinch (Karen H.)
Flycatcher (Lois H.)
Flycatcher in the Rye (Catherine V.G.)
Flycatchers to Honey (Elaine P.)
Florence's Nightingales (Diane Palumbo)
Food Fight At The Auk Coral (Kathy Vogel)
A Fool and His Partridge (Linda T.)
For a Few Petrels More (Diane B.)
For the Birds (Hillary S.)
For Whom the Bell Teals. (Emily M.)
For Whom the Gull Tolls (Alexandra M.)
Foreign Twenty Blackbirds (B. Merwald)
Four Killing Birds (the Hillis Clan)
Fowl Me Once/Fowl Me Twice (Kathryn M.)
Fowl Play (Kathryn M.)
Fowl's Company (Kathryn M.)
Fowl's Paradise (Kathryn M.)
The Fox in the Henhouse (Jessica S.)
Francolin and Johnny (Emma P.)
Free as an Eagle (Anna)
Friends and Plovers (Lucy M.)
From Heron Out (Karen H.)
From Heron to Eternity (Emily M.)
From Rags to Ostriches (Laura Baker)
From Sea to Shining Seagull (Mitchell Seier)

A Galah Evening (Janice V.)
Game of Rook (Teresa Wilder)
Gifts of the Magpie (Bryan B. and the Hillis Clan)
Give 'Em A Finch. . . (Cheryl & John)
The Gizzard of Oz (Laura B.)
Gnatwren and Robin (Regina Krah)
Go Fly a Kite (Kathryn M.)
Going for Borque (Elaine P.)
Going Over Budgie (the Lemires)
Gold, Silver, and Bronzewing (Denil B.)
Golden Robins (Joyce C.)
Goldfincher (Karen Ogush and the Hillis Clan)
Gone with the Wren (Alexandra M.)
Good Gnus and Bad Gnus (Laurie C.)
Goodbye, Mr. Chirps (Steve W.)
Goose Bumps in the Night (Charlotte S.)
Goose Without Saying (Kathryn M.)
Great Auks of Fire! (Dawn N.)
The Great Crane Robbery (Priscilla B.)
A Grebe Observed (Lucy M.)
Grouse Anatomy (Carolyn T.)
Grouse Income (Cheryl & John)
Grouse Incompetence (Cheryl & John)
Grouse Mouse (Karen H.)
The Grouse That Roared (Diane Palumbo)
Guan Prix ( Nancy L.)
Guan with You! (Ruth Olley)
Guinea Which Way You Hen (Dale H.)
Gullty by Association (the Hillis Clan)
Gulls and Bouys (Teresa Wilder)
Gulls and Boys (Teresa Wilder)
Gulls and Roses (Debbie P.)
Gulls, Bulls & Bells (Karen H.)
Gulls just wanna have fun (Diane Palumbo)
Gulls night out (Diane Palumbo)
GutterSnipes (BF)

Half-Sick of Sparrows (Jane F.)
Happy Quails to You (Judy S.)
Hard of Heron (the Lemires)
A Hard Pill to Swallow (Sarah J.)
Hard to Swallow (Margaret K. and Kathryn M.)
Hark the Heron Angels Sing (Ellen G.)
Harrier by the Minute (Kathryn M.)
Have Gull Will Travel (Jane F.)
Hawk at the Pond Shop (Lois H.)
Hawk on the Wild Side (Bee K.)
Hawk, the Herald Angels Sing (Kathryn M.)
Hawk! Who Goes There? (Gina G.)
Hawking Your Wares (the Lemires)
Hearsefeathers (Cheryl & John)
Hedda Babbler (Diane Palumbo)
Hell Bent for Feather (Lesly-Claire G.)
Helping Harts (Karen H.)
Hens and Sensibility (Regina K.)
Herds of a Feather (Patty H.)
Here No Eagle, See No Eagle (Carly R.)
Heron Back Again (Jill S.)
Heron Earth (the Hillis Clan)
Heron Go Bragh!(Mary K.)
Heron Go Round the Mulberry Bush (Darcy S.)
Heron Now (Bryan B. and Debbie P.)
Heron of the Day (Regina K.)
Heron on His Head (Lois H.)
Heron Today, Gone Tomorrow (Tracy A.)
Heron Today, Guan Tomorrow (Ruth Olley)
Heronautical (the Lemires)
Hi Ho, the Aerie Oh. (Emily M.)
Hickory dickory duck (Jane G.)
Hickory Dickory Hawk (Bryan B.)
High as a Kite (Margaret K.)
High on a Stilt (Lois H.)
Hippo birdie two ewes (Jane G.)
Hire that Scrub-Jay (Lois H.)
His Gull Friday (Cheryl & John)
The Holly and the Ibis (Laura B.)
Holy Crow (Karen M.)
Home is Where the Heron Is (Katherine H.)
Honest Bonnets (Karen H.)
Honey, I Forgot to Duck (Teresa Wilder)
How Many Moa? (Teresa Wilder)
How the Finch Stole Christmas (Kathryn M.)
How the Grebe Stole Christmas (Ellie Warder)
How Very Vulture! (Teresa Wilder)
How Vulture, My Dear (Teresa Wilder)
Hum (mingbird) If You Don't Know The Words (Janet L.)
Humming Nerd (B. Merwald)
Hummingbirds At Dawn (Kathy Vogel)
HummingBirds of Prey (Heather B.)
Hung by the Ton (Karen H.)

I Came, Ibis, I Conquered (Emily M.)
I Did It Mynah Way (J. Jones)
I'm Going to Egret This (Sheila C.)
I tinkerbird therefore I am (Ranjani Tadinada)
Ibis Cuts and Gravy (Laura B.)
Ibis you (Diane Palumbo)
Ibismal Failure (the Lemires)
If I Can, Toucan, Too (Cindy M.)
If Larks Could Kill (Becki C.)
If Rooks Could Kill (Jayne W-H.)
An Ill Eagle (Stephanie F.)
Ill Eagle Activity (Kathryn M.)
Ill-Eagle Immigrant (Kathryn M.)
In the Heat of the Nightingale (Mitchell Seier)
Incredibly Gullible (B. Merwald)
In Deep Dodo (Jan L.)
In the Chick of Things (Teresa Wilder)
Is She Cuckoo????? (Lois H.)
Isn't it Amazon? (Elaine P.)
It Ain't Over Till The Mockingbird Sings (Sandra C.)
It Takes Toucan to Tangle (Mercedes L.)
It Was A Lark And Stormy Night (the Lemires)
It's a Siskin (Emma P.)
It's a Wonderful Lark (Sarah S.)
It's Auk-ward (Miriam G.)
It’s My Tern (Lois H.)
It's Not Plover Yet (Cindy S.)

Jailhouse Flock (Lucy M.)
Jailhouse Rook (Emily M.)
Jane With The Lame Tame Crane (Jane L.)
Jay Jay, the Cookateel (Jane S.)
The Jay Who Cried Blue (Jenifer M.)
Jayberwocky (the Lemires)
Jaybird of Caerphilly (Joan K.)
The Jaybird Wore Clothes (Hillary S.)

The Kea to My Heart (Lynne P.)
The Kea to My Success (Mercedes L.)
The Keas to the Kingdom - Cindy S.
Keep your Rhea covered (Regina Krah)
Keeping Up With the Caspians (Gina G.)
Kill, Deer (the Hillis Clan)
Killer Cranes from Outer Space (Karen Ogush)
King Eider (Diane B.)
King Fissure (the Lemires)
King Kiwi (Sarah S.)
The Kingfisher And I (Tracy A.)
Kingfisher of Men (the Hillis Clan)
Kite and Prejudice (Regina K.)
Knife, Fork and Spoonbill (Margaret K.)
Knocking on Woodpeckers (Mercedes L.)

Lark! Now Hear the Angels Sing! (Regina K.)
Lark of the Irish (Bee K.)
Lark, Stork and Barrel (Diane Palumbo)
Lark, the Herald Angels Sing (Emily M., Joanna Campbell Slan)
Larkansas (the Lemires)
Last of the Red Hot Lovebirds (Sheila C.)
Leave No Tern Unstoned (Karen M.)
Leave Us A Loon (Barbara S-N)
Legal Eagle (Kathryn M.)
Let Go of the Drumstick (Mary F.)
Let Osprey (Jan B. and Lucy M.)
Let Sleeping Skuas Lie (Ellie Warder)
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hummingbirds (Cynthia B.)
Life In the Booby Hatch (Sammy)
Like a Chat out of Hell (Regina K.)
The Little Birdy Told Everyone (Kerrie G.)
Live, Laugh, Dove (Jennifer McCormick)
Locks and Bay Gulls (Peg K)
Loon Over Miami (Diane Palumbo)
The Loonatic Fringe (the Hillis Clan)
Loony-Toon (Lois H.)
Lord of the Reindeer (Susan S.)
Lory Lie (Lynne P.)
Lovey Dove-y (Lois H.)
Let Osprey (Margaret K. and Jan B.)
The Lord of the Wrens (Sarah S.)
Lunatic Finch (Joe B.)

Magical Mystery Tern (Diane Palumbo)
The Magician's Merlin (Bryan B.)
Mallard Aforethought (Alexandra M.)
Mallards Aforethought (B. Merwald)
Mallard, Feel More! (Laura B.)
Mallard of Forethought (Cynthia B.)
The Maltese and the Falcon (Kelly C.)
A Man and His Dove (Alice B.)
The Man Who Forgot to Duck (the Hillis Clan)
The Man Who Would Be Kingfisher (Cheryl & John)
Married . . . with Chickens (Jane F.)
The Martin Cackled from Side to Side (Jane G.)
Masked Booby (Lois H.)
May Jays (Karen H.)
May the Finch be with You (Gin)
May the Flock be with You (Gin)
Meaner than a Junco Dog (the Hillis Clan)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Emu (Judy Cater)
Midnight in the Garden of Gulls and Eagles (Jane F.)
Moa's The Pity (Anna-Marie A.)
Moby Duck (Elizabeth W.)
The Mocking Bird (Vanessa B.)
Mockingbird Kill (Kathryn M.)
Mockingbirds Call Collect (Patti W.)
The Molting Falcon (Jane G.)
Montezuma's Quail (Bryan B.)
Mortar and Kestrel (Margaret K.)
Mortar and Petrel (Margaret K.)
More than Meets the Magpie (Michele B.)M
Mourning Doves Make Merry (Linda E.)
Much Ado About Molting (Jill S.)
Much Emu About Nothing (Carly R.)
Murder Between the Plovers (Regina K.)
A Murder of Crows (Cynthia B. and Janet D.)
Murder Most Fowl (Karen Ogush and Nancy G.)
Murder on a Budgie (Patti W.)
Murder on a Lark (the Hillis Clan)
Murder on the Oriole Express (Mary Rivers and Diane Palumbo)
Murder on the Ostrick Express (Cynthia B.)
Murder with Mynahs (Marianne S.)
A Murderation of Starlings (Melanie C.)
My Blue Heron (Priscilla B.)
My Little Chickadead (the Hillis Clan)
My Starling Clementine (Cindi M.)
My Way or the Blue-jay (Ranjani Tadinada)
Mynah and Yours (Jennifer McCormick)
A Mynah Consideration (Vikki F.)
Mynah Crimes and Misdemeanors (Diane Palumbo)
Mynah Not to Reason Why (the Hillis Clan)

Naked as a Jaybird (Kathryn M., Anna)
Narrow Sparrows (Karen H.)
Necessary Eagle (the Hillis Clan)
A Neck for the Albatross (Char A.)
Neither Quail nor Quake (Teresa Wilder)
Nene here Nor There (Catherine V.G.)
The Nene Sayer (Christine J.)
A Nene to the Groin (Cheryl & John)
Nerds of a Feather (Patty H.)
Never A Gull Moment (the Lemires)
New Guinea's Tale (Sue D.)
The Nightingale Blows (Alice B.)
A Nightingale to Remember (Mitchell S.)
No Cardinal Virtue (Char A.)
No Caws for Alarm (Priscilla B.)
No Egrets (Lisa P., Erica H., Karen H. and Diana Palumbo)
No Egrets At All (Regina K.)
No Egrets, Just Lessons Learned (Kevin C.)
No Fowl Like an Old Fowl (Kathryn M.)
No Jay Wokking (B. Merwald)
No Moa for You (Teresa Wilder)
No Tern Unstoned (Brett Bydairk)
No Time for Ptarmigans (Barbara Hussey)
No Time Like the Pheasant (Kathryn M. and L. Martin)
No Use Crying over Spilled Mynah (Candace D.)
No Wren to Tern (Linda E.)
North By North-Wren (Cynthia B.)
Not Stepping on Pigeon Toes (P. Goforth)
Nothing Mynah about Murder (the Hillis Clan)
Now and Wren (Michele B.)M
Number One with a Pullet (Laura Baker)
The Nuthatch Suite (Carrie F.)

Of All the Gull (Lois H.)
Of Starling Character (Teresa Wilder)
Of Titmice and Turkeys (Anne Marie)
Oh, Jay, Can You See? (Teresa Wilder)
Oh, Joy, Oh Raptor! (Kathryn M.)
The Old Coot (Ruth Olley)
The Old Girl was a Warbler (Lois H.)
That Old Gang-Gang Of Mine (Lynne P.)
On Bended Nene (Cheryl & John)
… On the Head of a Pintail (BF)
On the Rails (BF)
On the Shrike of Three (Karen M.)
The Once and Vulture King (the Lemires)
Once Bittern, Twice Shy (Sheila C.)
Once in a Blue Loon (Lucy M.)
Once Upon a Tern (Lucy M.)
One Bird. Two Bird. Red Bird. Blue Bird. (Teresa Wilder)
One Flew Over the Kookabura's Nest (Diane Palumbo)
One for the Money, Two for the Crow (Karen H.)
One Good Tern Deserves Another (Phyllis Van Zandt and the Lemires)
One Jay at a Time (Karen H.)
One, Two, Three Shrikes -- You're Out! (Laura B.)
Or Kestral (the Lemires)
Oriole Alright (Sandy S.)
Oriole Game Day (Lois H.)
Orioles and Milk (Mary Rivers)
Orioles and Oreos (Miriam G.)
Osprey and Old Lace (Mary Rivers)
The Osprey Who Came in From the Cold (Tracy A.)
Osprey, Can You See? (B. Merwald and Kathryn M.)
Ostrich in Time (G. R. Clark)
Ostriches in the Rearview Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are (Pat V.)
Owl Be Seeing You (Margaret K.)
Owl Never Hurt You (Jenifer N.)

Parrot Dyes (Gwen B.)
The Parrot Trap (the Hillis Clan)
Partridge in a Pear Tree (Lois H.)
A Party Of Blue Jays (Susan C.)
A Party of Tern (Marilyn M.)
The Party Thrasher (B. Merwald)
Passerine and Prejudice (Joyce M.)
Pecking Order (Karen H.)
Peeping Tom Turkey (Erica H.)
The Pewee League (Laura B.)
The Pelican Always Rings Twice (Tracy A.)
Pelican and Again (Catherine V.G.)
Penguin the Beguine. (Emily M.)
Pelican for your thoughts (Patti W.)
Phantom of the Osprey (the Hillis Clan)
Pheasant and Accounted For (the Lemires)
Pheasant Dreams (B. Merwald)
A Pheasant Night (Dawn H.)
A Pheasant Surprise (Regina K.)
Pheasant Under Glass (Linda P.)
The Pheasants Are Revolting (Laura B.)
The Pied Sandpiper (Mitchell S.)
Pigeon Croup (B. Merwald)
Pigeon English (BF)
A Pigeon for Your Thoughts (Mitchell Seier)
Pigeon Forged (Laura Baker)
Pigeon Holed (Karen H.)
A Pigeon Pair (Anna C.)
Pigeons Dropping (Julie F.)
Pigeons Past Midnight (Carolyn T.)
The Pigeon Who Wouldn't Talk (Linda E.)
Pike's Beak (Emily M.)
Pinball Buzzard (Diane Palumbo)
Pintail on the Donkey (Lois H.)
Piping Pipers on the Run (Karen H.)
The Pit and the Pelican (Alexandra M.)
Planes, Cranes, And Automobiles (Emily M.)
Playing Your Cardinals Close to the Vest (Helen M.)
Playing Your Cardinals Right (Helen M.)
A Plover's Valentine (Regina K.)
Poison Penguin Letter (the Hillis Clan)
Pop Goes the Quetzal (Dawn L.)
Poultrygeist (B. Merwald)
Probable Macaws (the Hillis Clan)
Promise Not to Finch (the Lemires)
Puffin on the Ritz (Lucy M.)
Pullet's Prize (Bee K.)
Pullet-zer Prize (Kathryn M.)
Purple martins majesty (Sherin H.)
Pushing Up Plovers (Eadie B.)

Quack of the Mourning (Gwen B.)
A Quail in One's Coffin (Alexandra M.)
Quail Not (Lois H.)
A Quail of a Day (Jennifer McCormick)
Quail's Tale (Cynthia B.)
Quetzal, Folks! (Regina K.)
The Quicker Flicker Upper (B. Merwald)
Quid Pro Crow (Bryan B.)
Quo Ibis (Karen H.)

The Race Goes to the Swift (Margaret K.)
The Rage of the Roadrunner (Joy)
Raiders of the Lost Auk (Diane B.)
Raising Roosters (Debbie P.)
Rant and Rail (Margaret K.)
Ratite Poison (Laura B.)
The Rattler Bites the Bluebird (Deborah S.)
Raven Images (Cindy S. and BF)
Raven Lunatic (Karen H.)
Raven Mad (Diane Palumbo and Lois H.)
A Raven Maniac (Leslie W.)
A Raven Nevermore (Julie F.)
Raven Reviews (Laura B.)
Ready and Willet (Mercedes L.)
Ready, Willing and Eagle (Genie Lyon)
Rebel without Macaws (the Hillis Clan)
Remember the Albatross! (the Lemires)
Red, White and Bluebird (Carly R.)
Rhea Admiral (Cheryl & John)
Rhea Sunshine (Laura B.)
Rhyme of the Ancient Mynah Bird (Diane Palumbo)
Ring Around the Plover (Alexandra M.)
Roadrunner..Beep Beep (Lois H.)
The Roadrunner Less Traveled (Jane F.)
Roadrunner Revelry (Joy)
Robin Around the Christmas Tree (Cathy Wiley)
Robin Banks (Laura B.)
Robin Dead Breast (Darlene K.)
Robin Hood (Erica H. and Kathryn M.)
Robin Hood and his Band of Merry Mynas. (Emily M.)
Robin Houses (Karen H.)
Robin Peter to Pay Paul (Teresa Wilder)
Robin the Cradle (Clara C., the Lemires and George K.)
Robin the Nest Egg (Teresa H.)
Robin Time (Lois H.)
Robin's 'hood (Elaine P.)
Roc, Paper, Scissors (Stephanie F.)
Rockin' Robins (Joyce C.)
Rockin' Rooster (Anna)
A Rolling Pigeon Gathers No Moss (Cynthia B.)
A Rook and a Hard Place (Bee K.)
Rook around the Clock. (Emily M.)
Roosters on the Orient Express (Patti W.)
A Rosella By Any Other Name (Lynne P.)
Round Robin (Kathryn M.)
Rub-a-dub-dub, Three Ducks in a Tub (Victoria Patterson)
Ruddy Ducks (Ruth Olley)
Rudolph the Red Headed Woodpecker (Diane Palumbo)
Ruff n’ Ready (Lois H.)
Rule with an Iron Finch (Denil B.)
Run Roadrunner Run (Anna)

The Sandpiper Pecked a Pickled Pepper (Diane Palumbo)
The Seagull has Landed (Kathryn M.)
A Secretary Bird Is Not a Toy (Barbara S-N)
See Turkey and Die (Regina K.)
Sending Our Egrets (Kevin C.)
Seventy-Six Trumpet Swans Led A Big Parade (Diane Palumbo)
Shades of Jay (the Lemires)
Shama On You (Regina K.)
Shearwaters run deep (Sherin H.)
A Shot in the Lark (Cheryl & John)
A Shot of Wild Turkey (Bryan B.)
Shrike While the Iron is Hot (Denil B.)
Shrike Three (Margaret K.)
The Silly Song of the Redbird (Joy)
Sing Me a Lovebird (Elaine P.)
Sitting Duck (Anna, Hillary S.)
Sittin' in the Catbird Seat (Elaine P.)
The Skua's Secret (Ellie Warder)
Slanderous Seagull (Joyce C.)
Slay-Bells Sing (Ellen G.)
A Slice of Kiwi Lime Pie (Dakota F.)
Slings and Sparrows (Bryan B.)
Sly As A Kite (Robbie B.)
Smoke on the Waterthrush (Emma P.)
Smother Goose (B. Merwald)
Snap, Grackle, and Pop (Margaret K., Emily M. and Sue K.)
A Snipe to Remember (Alexandra M.)
Snow Egrets (Anne Beck)
So Many Sparrows, So Little Time (Karen H.)
Some Like it Hawk (Sarah S.)
Something to Crow About (Linda E.)
Something to Grouse About (Kathryn M.)
Son of a Guan (Regina Krah)
Sora spots (Regina Krah)
Sorrowing Sparrow (Joyce C.)
Sparrow Me the Details (Carly R.)
Sparrow Me the Drama (Karen H.)
Sparrow Not (Lois H.)
Sparrow the Cardinal Rule (Gwen B.)
Sparrow the Rod, Spoil the Child. (Emily M.)
Sparrow to The Heart (Robbie B.)
Special Aukasion (the Lemires)
Spending Time on Death Crow (the Hillis Clan)
A Spoonbill of Sugar (the Hillis Clan)
Stark Raven Meg (Kathryn M.)
A Starling Character (Robbie B.)
A Starling Discovery (the Lemires)
A Starling is Born (Louise S.)
The Starling Scandal (Patti W.)
Starling Silver (Teresa Wilder)
Starling Struck (Diane Palumbo)
Starling Trek (Joe B.)
Starling Wars (Diane Palumbo)
State of Grouse (the Lemires)
Stint in the Service (Lois H.)
A Stone Crow Away (Christina R. S.)
Stool Pigeon (Lois H.)
Stop for Petrel (Laura Baker)
Stop In the Name of Dove (Emily M.)
Stork Around The Clock (Jenifer N.)
Stork Faced Lie (Alice B.)
Stork Raven Mad (the Hillis Clan)
The Storkholm Syndrome (the Hillis Clan)
Storks and bonds (Diane Palumbo)
The Straight & Sparrow (L. Martin)
A Strike and a Sparrow (Cheryl & John)
Strike It Ostrich (Bryan B.)
Strumming Bird (Karen H.)
Such a Pheasant Day (Teresa Wilder)
Such a Pheasant Fellow (Teresa Wilder)
Suffer No Egrets (B. Merwald)
Sunshine the Parakeet vs. Precious the cat (Jane S.)
Swallow This (Lois H.)
Swallowtail of Two Cities (Karen H.)
Swan Song (Nancy G.)
Sweet, Sour, Bittern and Salt (Margaret K.)
Swift Death (the Hillis Clan)
A Swift Kick in the Pants (Cheryl & John)
A Swift Stint for the Rifleman (Regina K.)

Take a Gander (Kerry M. and the Hillis Clan)
Take a Hawk On a Wild Ride (Regina K.)
A Tale of Two Turtledoves (Jason B.)
Talons Of Ways To Crow (Jenifer N.)
The Taming of the Shrike (Karen H.)
Tattler Tale (Lois H.)
(Lois H.)
Teal Death Do Us Part (B. Merwald)
Teal for Two (Alexandra M.)
Teal Magnolias (Emily M.)
Teal When? (Lois H.)
Tequila Mockingbird (Anne Beck)
Tern-about Is Fair Play (Elaine P.)
Tern by turn (Ranjani Tadinada)
A Tern for the Verse (Cindy S.)
Tern for the Worse (Bee K., Alice B., and the Hillis Clan)
The Tern of the Screw (Alexandra M.)
Tern Out the Lights, Honey (Victoria Patterson)
Terning Point (Bee K.)
Terning Swiftly (the Lemires)
Terns and Conditions Apply (Leslie Ann M.)
Terns of Endearment (Leslie W.)
The Terrible Toucans (Debbie P.)
That Takes the Caique (Lynne P.)
That was a Lark (Lois H.)
That Was No Aukcident -- It Was Murder (Peg K.)
That's For The Birds! (Miriam G.)
There's No Business Like Crow Business (Sheila C.)
There's No Such Thing As Free Whippoorwill (Glenn H.)
They Do It with Mynahs (Marianne S. and Jane G.)
Things Are Getting Unpheasant (the Lemires)
Thirteen Blackbirds baked in a pie (Patti W.)
This Way to the Great Egret (Bryan B.)
Thrasher Good (Lois H.)
Thrasher in the Sky (Karen H.)
Three Shrikes and You're Out (Priscilla B. and the Hillis Clan)
Thrush Hour (the Hillis Clan)
Thrush Hour Traffic (the Lemires)
The Thrush of Success (Gwen B)
Thrush Pell-Mell (Alice Hendrickson)
Thrush to Judgment (B. Merwald)
Thrush with Death (Jennifer McCormick)
Thrush, Thrush, Sweet Charlotte (Amy M.)
Thrushes and thrashers (Patti W.)
Ticket for Jay Walking (Margaret K.)
Tie a Red Knot (Lois H.)
Tie Me Ptarmigan Down (Ellie Warder)
Time to Pay the Sandpiper (Tracy A.)
Tit for Tat (Margaret K.)
To Beak or Not to Beak (Alice B.)
To Catch A Cardinal (J. Jones)
To Catch A Hawk (J. Jones)
To Everything There is a Season, Tern, Tern, Tern (Helen M.)
To Frill a Mockingbird (Leslie Ann M.)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Lois H.)
To Mock a Killing Bird (Laura B.)
To the Bittern End (G. R. Clark)
Tongue in Beak - Cristina R. S.
Too Many Blackbirds Spoil the Pie (Linda E.)
Too Many Rooks Foil the Snoop (Regina K.)
Top of the Mourning Dove (Gwen B.)
Toucan Dance (C. Juarez)
Toucan Live as Cheaply as Juan (Jane G.)
Toucan Peas in a Pod (Ranjani Tadinada)
Toucan Play that Game (Tracy A.)
Toucan Play the Same Game (Michelle P.)
Toucan Tango (B. Merwald amd Debbie P.)
Tough Tits (BF)
Towhee for the Dough (Catherine V.G.)
Towhee is Better Than One (Catherine V.G.)
Towhee Jehovah (Lynda Dumas)
Towhee or not Towhee (the Hillis Clan)
Trick or Tweet (L. Martin)
The Trouble with Toucans (Gwen B)
The Tufted Titmousetrap (the Hillis Clan)
Turkey's Delight (Diane Palumbo)
Twelve Angry Wrens. (Emily M.)
The Twelve Blue Jays of Christmas (Barb G.)
Two for the Crow (Clare J.)
Two Little Chickadees (Debbie P.)
Two Partridges In the Chamber (Regina K.)
Two Shakes of a Swallow's Tail

Unable to Budgie (Cathy Wiley)
Unbirdled Passion (the Lemires)
Unconterned (the Lemires)
Under Grouse Arrest (the Hillis Clan)
Under Lock and Kiwi (Claudia D.)
Under the Toucan Sun (Bryan B.)
Unfinching (the Lemires)
Up Teal Dawn (Bryan B.)
Ursa Myna (Karen H.)

Valley of the Kingfishers (Erica H.)
Vasa Way to Go (Lynne P.)
Vulture Culture (Lois H.)
Vulture Shock (Regina K.)

Waging Warbler (the Lemires)
A Wandering Albatross (Lois H.)
Warbles never cease (Sherin H.)
Watch Like a Hawk (Anna)
Watch Out For the Killdeer (Himasri M.)
Waxwing Poetic (Lucy M.)
We Have No Egrets (Holly T.)
We will Rook You (Emma P.)
Wedding Crake (Karen Ogush)
What a Difference a Jay Makes (Diane Palumbo)
What Are You, Chicken? (Jennifer McCormick)
What Gull (Lois H.)
Whatever Happened to Budgie Jane? (James V.)
What's Up, Duck? (Melissa R.)
What's Your Thrush? (Lucy M.)
When Ibis Eyes Are Smilin' (Kerry M.)
When Push Comes to Dove (Teresa Wilder)
When You Wish Upon a Starling (Jill S.)
Where There's a Whippoorwill, There's a Way (Karen H.)
Where There's a Will, There's a Jay (Jane B.)
Whippoorwill Falling (Robbie B.)
Whiteheads Revisited (Regina K.)
Who let the Warbler Out (Dawn H.)
Who Played the Hornbill? (Jennifer McCormick)
Who's Minding the Stork? (Miriam G.)
The Whole Nene Yards (Catherine V.G.)
The Wild, Wild Whippoorwill (Karen H.)
Who Will Bell the Catbird (Liz O.)
William the Falconer (Laura B.)
The Wind in the Willet (Catherine V.G.)
A Window Full Of Manakins (Regina K.)
The Wings of War (Laura B.)
With Egrets (Margaret K.)
With My Egrets (Lois H.)
Woodduck you be mine (Patti W.)
The Woodpecker Always Knocks Twice (Terry W.)
Woody Woodpecker? (Lois H.)
Words of a Feather (Patty H.)
The World is Your Oystercatcher (Catherine V.G.)
Wren All Else Fails (Robin S.)
Wren and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Claudia T.)
Wren Around the Collar (Elaine P.)
Wren Fest (B. Merwald)
Wren Control (the Lemires)
Wren Don't Walk (Jan L.)
Wren I was Three (Lois H.)
Wren in Doubt (Bee K.)
Wren in Rome (Paula Stambaugh, the Lemires. Karen J. and Kathryn M.)
Wren Shall We Three Meet Again (Kathryn M.)
Wren Some, Lose Some (Teresa Wilder)
Wren Somebody Loves You (Joanna Campbell Slan
Wren Will I See You Again (the Lemires)
Wren, Lose, or Draw (Teresa Wilder)
Wren-ovations (Cheryl & John)
Wrens in a Blue Moon (Robin S.)
Wrong Tern (Margaret K.)

Yellowlegs? Are you Sick? (Lois H.)
You Have to Pay the Sandpiper (the Hillis Clan)
You Little Goose (Lois H.)
You Old Crow (Lois H.)
You wren some, you lose some (Ranjani Tadinada)
You Yellow-bellied Sapsucker… (Lois H.)
You've Got to Change Your Eagle Ways (the Hillis Clan)
The Young and the Nestless (Laura B.)
Your Tern To Die (Regina K.)
Yours, Myna and Ours (Mary Rivers)
Yours, Myna, Ours (Joe B.)
Zebra Finch of a Different Color (Bryan B.)